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With so many village events cancelled in the next few weeks and months due to the ‘Coronavirus Lockdown’, and with the disruption of everyone’s daily routine, not to mention the continuous flow of news items and briefings, it is a time when many people of all ages may experience increased levels of concern and apprehension.

Personally, having realised I would manage the experience much better by focussing on something creative, I thought it would be fantastic if we, as a village community, could collectively achieve something positive and creative during this period of isolation. Not merely to fill our time but to expand our individual experience, skills and enjoyment and through it connect with others with similar interests. Sharing this idea with colleagues in the village has helped to develop my original idea, and we are hoping that this project might evolve over time with contributions from the whole community, digitally of course. Maybe we will have an opportunity to display and celebrate our collective achievements once the emergency is over and things get back to normal? An exhibition, perhaps, of art and craft and other creative projects, perhaps also film and photographs, writing and journal excerpts.

So, if you’re stuck at home and thinking about taking advantage of the lockdown to write that novel or journal you always meant to write, or create artwork, or get to grips with a craft or hobby you’ve not had enough time for in the past; even creating new recipes with reduced ingredients. Maybe you’re just not sure what to do with the time you have or how to keep the children entertained? Now is the time to get started and through sharing, encourage others or all ages, to do the same. There are many different things to try. Some of you will already be doing these things but it would very lovely if you would also join in and share your work. Maybe even help us out with other ideas.

It isn’t just about being creative. Drawing and painting, photography, arts and crafts, knitting and sewing; creative writing, blogging, vlogging, and so on are all activities known to contribute to wellbeing. In these unprecedented times they could have a vital part to play through creating a focus when everything is out of kilter because our daily routines are disrupted. Physical and mental wellbeing are especially important for ourselves, our families and our friends in these uncertain times. Have a think about what you would like to do by yourself, or with your families and give it a go. If your first choice isn’t for you, try something different until you find something you do like. If we haven’t included it and it is something other people might enjoy, let us know your idea!

There are a couple of ideas in the sections below to get all of you, adults, young people and children, started. We hope to add to this over time.

Take up a new creative activity, draw, paint, craft, write, journal, sculpt, model. There are many other things. Try something new now.

Join me on my ‘A drawing a week’ challenge.

Dilys Cranwell

For more information contact:

Dilys Cranwell 01279 777407

(drawing and crafts, reflective diaries for well-being)

Kat Armstrong 01279 777738

(keeping a journal)

Sue Griffiths 01279 777465

(needlecraft and journaling)

Follow links below for more information and ideas and we hope to publish some examples of work here soon.

Drawing a Week Challenge info and ideas

Ideas for the drawing challenge



Photography and filming in private gardens is only permitted for private and personal use and not for any form of reproduction or dissemination nor for publication, electronically or otherwise, including via social media and image libraries. Photography for professional or commercial purposes is expressly forbidden. This is regarded as mandatory for all community events held in private gardens throughout the parish of Berden.

Thank you                                 Berden Parish Council


The members of the Sports and Social Club Committee are sorry to announce that the regulars Friday Night Bar in the Village Hall will be suspended until further notice.

We have taken this decision in the light of HM Government advice on social distancing to reduce social interaction between people in order to reduce the transmission of Coronavirus COVID-19.

The Social Club Bar Rota needs you!

Running the bar is great fun and you would always be paired with an “old hand” to show you the ropes.

Opening time is 8.00pm except on Family/Early Bird Night when the early staff open at 6.30pm and the later bar staff come in at 8.30pm.

If you can commit to a Friday evening around four times a year and would like to get involved please contact Wendy on 777852

email – Wendy Riddell

Thank you.

Keep an eye on the Website, Parish Magazine and the e-mailed Newsletters

We are always happy to welcome new people onto the committee.  Please contact John Walker on 01279 777470 for more information.  Alternatively, if you feel you would like to help with events from time to time when you are able then you can join our team of event volunteers.  Please contact

To join the mailing list and be kept up to date follow this link Berden S&SC mailing list


Cinema Club

This season we will mainly be showing films on Saturday evenings as before, with as wide a range as possible, but are also going to have occasional screenings on Tuesday evenings, which will usually be aimed at more particular tastes.


All screenings in the Village Hall: Doors (and bar) open at 7.30, and the films will start at 8.00.


More information regarding films to be shown on village hall noticeboard

Club Membership: £12.00 (entire season) – Guest ticket: £4.00 per film.
All information from
Sue Griffiths 777465 Andrew Nelson 777784 John Walker 777470


T is for tea, talks, trips B is for Berden, what else  D is for discussions, debate, diversion

Meetings and events through the year

Everyone is welcome to attend these meetings

Contact Heather Davis email or call on 777611

Berden Book Club

A new book every month

contact John Walker on 777479 for more information regarding meetings

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