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Anybody living within 1600 meters of the telephone box should be referred to it, by the 999 operator, if it is needed. The only Berden homes that are outside of this area are those at the far end of Potash Lane. However SPEED IS THE KEY so the further away you live the greater the urgency. Think about calling somebody who lives close to the telephone box for help.



The caller should first ring 999 or 112 from a mobile and report the emergency, including the postcode of the incident location, to the ambulance service.  You can also provide an accurate incident location through the use of the ‘What3Words’ app. If you do not have this, the ambulance service will send you a text message with your location. Whilst the ambulance will know where you and available defibrillators are, tell the operator that there is a defibrillator nearby and the appropriate postcode for the machine, in this instance it is CM23 1AS and that the What3Words code is cooking.alley.skews. The operator will, if the circumstances dictate, instruct the caller to use the machine and give the digital code to unlock the yellow cabinet. Once activated the defibrillator will give the user very clear instructions. Training is beneficial, but in an emergency you can use this device without training.

  • Wear gloves, if quickly possible.
  • Place a light towel or similar over the victim’s nose and mouth.
  • You MUST check to see if the patient is breathing. Place your ear close to the covered mouth and listen and look at the chest to see if it moves. You can place your hand on the chest to detect movement.

Under no circumstances should a patient be left on their own whilst somebody is collecting the unit – get help – and  chest compressions should be started as soon as possible and before the defibrillator arrives on the scene. The ambulance telephone operator will also give advice and help on how best to deal with the situation.

Further information can be obtained from – John Burton 01279 777674

Fancy staying in our Church? –


St Therese of Lisieux

High Lane, Stansted CM24 8LQ

Priest Father Lee Bennett

Tel: 814349


Parish Rev’d Deacon Des Connors

Deacon Tel: 07748 464101



Clair Rava

Tel: 816889



Saturday 6.00pm

Sunday 10.00am

Monday 9.30am

Tuesday 8.00pm (Latin)

Wednesday 12.30pm

Thursday 9.30am

Friday 9.30am


Every day for half an hour before each Mass

Baptism By appointment

Roadworks planned (continuously updated)

District Council (which includes local planning and recycling/waste collections)  website

Essex County Council  website

Hertfordshire County Council website

Bishop’s Stortford Town Council   website

Saffron Walden Town Council  website

Manuden Village  website

Clavering Village  website

The Pelhams  website

Newport Doctors Surgery website

Local News

Bishop’s Stortford Independent

Hertfordshire Mercury

Saffron Walden Reporter

Essex Walks

Public Transport

Train information

The Hundred Parishes Society website

Saffron Walden Museum

Police Community Support Officer (PCSO)

Alexander (Simon) Horne (Collar number 71102)

The rural PCSO for our area covering many small villages and hamlets. He has been a PCSO for six years and has 15 years experience as a Special Constable.

Mobile 07889 702340

Telephone 101 ext 395103

Home-Start Uttlesford, set up in 1984, is a local branch of the national voluntary organisation, with charitable status, in which volunteers offer regular support, friendship and practical help to families with young children under stress in their own homes helping to prevent family crisis and breakdown.

UK Power Networks

In the event of a power cut these are the contact details you may need.

Landline telephone: 0800 31 63 105

Mobile: 0333 32 32 105

Text: POWER and your postcode to 80876


73976DL1d1102_Leaflet.indd 73976DL1d1102_Leaflet.indd 73976DL1d1102_Leaflet.indd


Highway Ranger Service

A response team of Highway Rangers is now patrolling the Uttlesford district. These Rangers use a specially-marked van and carry out minor repairs and maintenance throughout the district.

Uttlesford District Council is working in partnership with Essex County Council Highways to provide the Highway Ranger service to the local community. This comprises a team of two men and a van. They will visit towns and villages on request to undertake minor works, such as trimming back overgrown vegetation on public footpaths and roadside verges.

However, fixing potholes does not fall within their remit and these should still be reported to Essex County Council, through their website

The types of minor maintenance works that can be undertaken by the Highway Rangers are as follows:

  • Cleaning and minor repairs to non-electrical road signs
  • Cleaning and minor repairs to street furniture
  • Re-instatement of posts and bollards (minimal excavation)
  • Trimming of vegetation and removal of cuttings
  • Ad hoc grass cutting and strimming
  • Localised cleaning and minor excavation of roadside water channels
  • Clearing of weeds or vegetation from pavements
  • Removal of litter and small flytips from highway land
  • Removal of illegal signs and flyposting
  • Minor block/flag paving repairs

Any resident who would like the Highway Rangers to carry out minor works as outlined should contact the Parish Council, by letter or email, with full details. They will then be able to contact the Ranger service on the resident’s behalf, should the requested job meet the specific requirements. You can contact the Parish Council here (go to foot of linked page)

Please do not contact Uttlesford District Council directly.



According to the RSPB, 27 million birds are killed every year in this country by our 7.2 million pet cats. That is just under four per cat on average; but I think we all know of cats that bring their haul in on an almost daily basis. This is a devastating slaughter and we should all do our best to try and contain our much loved cats during the spring, in particular, when young birds are so vulnerable.

According to the RSPB all cat owners are asked to consider the following…

1.’ Fit a bell to your cat’s collar. This simple addition could cut predation by at least a third.’ Audio-visual alarm collars and cat bibs are also available but probably both expensive and not necessarily practical for day to day feline living.

  1. ‘Make sure your cat is well fed.’ Sounds logical but………

3.’ Impose a cat curfew.’ It seems that the times that cats are most desperate to escape the house – around sunset, sunrise and after bad weather – coincide with peak bird feeding hours. In May and June this can mean young inexperienced birds spending too much time on the ground.


Please, please do your best alleviate the distress that your cat can cause to both yourself and neighbouring bird lovers.

Please note and remember that, though it is difficult to prove that cats are completely responsible – and there are other factors, overall the numbers of many species of our much loved garden birds have declined by between 70 and 80% over the last twenty years. That includes several varieties of tit, sparrows, starlings, thrushes and finches.

Nobody likes to clear up the remains of a murdered robin – now our national bird.

 Thanks for doing your bit – JOHN BURTON

ECM logo

Need to report something to the Police that is not an emergency?

You can report Non-Emergency Crimes, Road Traffic Collisions, Hate Crimes and more online as well as get advice on whether this is an issue that Police deal with, or a local authority.

Click here, whether on a desktop computer, laptop, tablet or mobile phone to visit the ‘Do It Online’ section of our website.
If you need to report something where there is immediate threat to life or property then as always dial 999. 


Essex Police Crime Bureau.

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