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  1. An election is to be held of a Member to serve in Parliament for the SAFFRON WALDEN CONSTITUENCY.
  2. Forms of nomination paper may be obtained from the Acting Returning Officer, Uttlesford District Council London Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4ER who will at the request of any elector for the said electoral area, prepare for signature a nomination paper.
  3. Nomination papers must be delivered by the candidate, election agent, proposer or seconder to the ACTING RETURNING OFFICER, at the Chief Executive’s Office, Uttlesford District Council London Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4ER on any day after the date of this notice on Monday to Thursday between 10am and 4pm but not later than 4pm on 11 May 2017.
  4. The required deposit may be made either by the deposit of any legal tender or by means of a bankers draft (from a drawer which carries on business as a banker in the United Kingdom) or, with the consent of the Acting Returning Officer, in any other manner including by means of a debit or credit card (except American Express or Electron) or the direct electronic transfer of funds.
  5. If the election is contested, the poll will take place on 8 JUNE 2017.
  6. Applications to register to vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Uttlesford District Council London Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4ER by 12 midnight on Monday 22 May 2017.
  7. New applications to vote by post and requests to cancel or change an existing postal or proxy vote must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Uttlesford District Council London Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4ER by 5 pm on 23 May 2017, if they are to be effective for this election.
  8. New applications to vote by proxy except on the grounds of an emergency must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Uttlesford District Council London Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4ER by 5 pm on 31 May 2017, if they are to be effective for this election.
  9. Applications to vote by proxy on the grounds of an emergency must reach the Electoral Registration Officer at Uttlesford District Council London Road Saffron Walden Essex CB11 4ER by 5 pm on 8 June 2017 if they are to be effective for this election.

Dated: 5 May 2017

                                                        DAWN FRENCH Acting Returning Officer


CB11 4ER.

Statement of Persons Nominated

Notice of Polling Stations.FIN

Notice of Polling Stations FIN2



A huge THANK YOU to all who turned out, 19 March, to help clear other peoples rubbish from our verges, lanes, roads and hedgerows. Another vast heap was collected from the village green by Uttlesford Council and some of the more remarkable highlights included: a 6’’ cube of cast iron with chain, remnants of a large glass vase, a bottle marked rat poison and, what appeared to be, the battle shield of Edgar the Litterer; the last king of the Northwest East Saxons!!!

I think comment must also be made of the remarkable number of both disposable coffee cups and lager cans that were found throughout the village, but particularly in the verges and ditches of Little London and Park Green. Please: If you have the remotest idea of who might be responsible for this we would all be most grateful if you would kick them where it would be most painful.

Sadly there was so much picking to be done that three of our picking sticks gave up the ghost through hard graft.

Thanks must also go to all of those who pick collect litter, whilst out dog walking or just taking pleasure in our countryside, throughout the year.

John Burton (on behalf of Berden Parish Council)

Simons Field Fence Preparations

Another big thank you from the Parish council to all those who helped clear the dead trees out of the way at Simons Field in preparation for the new fence to stop balls, and therefore small children, from running down into the road. A great community spirit got the job done and special thanks to Rob and Adam for supplying equipment and Sue and Amanda for keeping everyone fed and watered!

Fitness Equipment Available

Fergus McMullen has a selection of fitness equipment available for anybody looking to improve their physical shape!

He has a rowing machine, cross trainer and running machine that he would like someone to have. No price but a donation to his nominated charity the Keech BraveHerts Appeal.

Items will need to be collected and they are heavy.

Please contact Fergus on 07778 927281 or email

Uttlesford Community Travel Newsletter

Please click below to enlarge

Stansted Night Flights

Published 19th January 2017

Following the publication last week of Government proposals for the regulation of night flights at Stansted Airport over the next five years, Stop Stansted Expansion (SSE) is urging local district, parish and town councils and individual local residents to make their voice heard and help reduce the noise impacts of night-time flights in and out of Stansted.

Stansted currently has permission for 12,000 night flights a year, more than twice as many as are permitted at Heathrow. SSE has long argued to the Government that night flights have a far greater impact on local residents around Stansted because of its rural location where background noise levels at night are generally very low.

Furthermore, the 12,000 annual limit applies only to the 6½ hours from 11.30pm to 6.00am whereas the normal definition of ‘night’ is the 8 hours from 11.00pm to 7.00am. Moreover, a large number of Stansted’s night flights are large, noisy cargo aircraft, many of which are very old. Unsurprisingly, these give rise to a disproportionately high level of noise complaints.

The Government proposes to maintain the present night limit on aircraft movements at Stansted whilst at the same time removing the current exemption for less noisy aircraft and adjusting the movements limit accordingly. This aspect of the Government’s proposals is welcome since the number of exempt aircraft has been increasing at Stansted Airport in recent years and all aircraft movements at night – the least noisy as well as the most noisy – create noise nuisance and cause widespread sleep disturbance for local residents.

SSE’s main criticism of the Government’s latest night flights proposals is that they do not go nearly far enough to tackle the very serious impacts of night flights in terms of sleep disturbance for local residents around Stansted and under flight paths.

SSE is calling for:
• An unequivocal Government commitment to phase out all night flights at Stansted by 2030, except in the case of genuine emergencies;
• In the meantime, for the annual limit on Stansted night flights to apply, not just from 11.30pm to 6.00am, but from 11.00pm to 7.00am, so that ‘night’ truly means ‘night’, as defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s Guidelines on Community Noise;
• A radical overhaul of the current ‘averaging’ method for measuring aircraft noise so that the official Government noise statistics start to represent what people actually have to endure;
• An immediate ban on all night time aircraft landings at Stansted from using reverse thrust, except in the case of genuine emergencies.

• The Government consultation document can be downloaded at: Responses need to be submitted by 28 February.
• The new night flights regulations for Stansted are expected to come into force in October this year and to apply until October 2022.

• Martin Peachey, SSE, 01279 870374; (M) 07803 603999
• SSE Campaign Office, T 01279 870558;

Occasional Driver Needed.

Do you have some spare time, and a car at your disposal?

An elderly gentleman in Berden requires occasional assistance with transport to local shops, doctor’s appointments, and social events. The driver would use his/her own car, and appropriate payment for petrol etc would obviously be made.

Please ring 777239 for further information

Changes to school bus timetable for JF Academy and SWCHS

Type here



We have been receiving more complaints about dogs out of control and their owners not clearing up after them on public footpaths and, astonishingly, on other people’s private property. In recent weeks we have had a report of a young Berdenite, and that means a friend or neighbour of all of us, coming indoors from the families own property ‘covered’ in dog waste.

 Please enjoy walking your dog but do make sure that you stick to the legal public paths, or those routes where you know for sure that the owner is happy for you to use them. In the eyes of the law you are trespassing if you step off a public right of way. We are very lucky in Berden: We have a relatively large network of enjoyable legal and permissive paths and, with just a few exceptions, they are all clearly defined through use, so – please – stick to them and keep your dogs under control at all times

There are dog waste bags, provided by your parish council, available by the bus shelter. Please use them and help everybody to enjoy their time out and about in our beautiful countryside.

If you wish to consult the definitive rights of way path, please contact John Burton on 777674.


bin it poster_Layout 1

Essex Air Ambulance latest Newsletter


NhW logo


Berden Parish is part of the Uttlesford Neighbourhood Watch (NhW) scheme. Its aims are to keep parishes up to date on the latest crimes in the area and offer advice on how to avoid becoming a victim of crime. As we know, police resources are in decline and it is becoming more and more important to raise awareness in our community about the possibility of crimes and frauds. By being watchful and alert we can help the police with vital information.

Since our village is sprawling in various directions, we have contact persons in the different parts who will be your first port of call for anything unusual, an incident or a crime. The names and phone numbers of these volunteers are published below and will also be published on the Berden Website. Although we live in a safe and generally trouble-free area with little crime, we would all be advised to consider the following:

  • Home security
  • Garden, outbuildings and vehicle security
  • Bogus callers/doorstep crimes
  • Telephone and online security
  • Identity fraud

Nowadays, the largest surge in fraud is on the telephone or on-line. Everybody is no doubt aware of this or may have experienced scams. NhW publishes a very useful guide to safety and to crime prevention and their website is: Weekly, Uttlesford NhW emails me an online Bulletin with updates of the latest crimes in the area and also with very useful advice on crime prevention. I will forward these to John Barber who will regularly put them on Berden Facebook.

If you see something suspicious or want to report information about a crime that has taken place, call the police non-emergency number 101. At the same time, alert your local coordinator. If you see a crime in progress, always use the emergency number   999.

Local coordinators:

Potash, Highlands, Mill Hill, Peyton Hall        John Barber 145

Little London                                                   John Arnell 239

Dewes Green, Priory, the Knoll                      Andrew Nelson 784

St. Nicholas Field                                             John Walker 470

The Street                                                       John Burton

Brickhouse End, Park Green                           Deborah Patrick

Village Hall, Pelham rd. Vicarage Lane, Bonnetting Lane       Ulla 994

We would welcome a volunteer for Benskins, Gawlers and upper Pelham Road.

Ideas and suggestion regarding the NhW scheme are always welcome.

Email here for more information

Broadband News

BT Have you checked out our updated map?

The Superfast Essex programme has given its interactive map a refresh to make it easier to identify where superfast broadband is currently available or planned. We’ve reduced the number of colours and labels and it’s now possible to view the map full screen.

The areas where superfast broadband is available now appear pink, and the areas where work is planned appear green. The areas which are currently not due to be covered by our fibre rollout are shown as blue. Click on the map to view the pop-up box and full programme status details for your postcode and view the full map key here.

The good news is the pink areas are growing as we’re moving ever closer towards the end of our first phase of delivery with BT. We’re on track to finish early so we can then look to get started with the work we have planned for Phase 2. Listen out for more news on this next month!

An alternative option for rural broadband is offered by a company called Gigaclear

Get ultrafast, pure fibre broadband…

Their ultrafast pure fibre network can bring you broadband speeds of up to 1000Mbps – 33x faster* than the UK average. they specialise in connecting rural communities by installing pure fibre straight into the home – reliable, future-proof and simple to install

Link to Gigaclear Hompepage here

 New Demand Responsive Transport

An exciting new Demand Responsive Transport (DaRT) has been introduced in parishes in the North of Essex.

This service allows residents to travel between 0600 and 2000 Monday to Saturday.  It increases the opportunities to travel and improve access to shopping, health appointments, work, school or college.  It can also be used to visit friends and family.

Passengers can travel alone or as a group.  Concessionary Bus pass holders can use the service for free after 0900 Monday to Friday and all day on a Saturday.

 Instead of using fixed routes with fixed stops and times, customers book journeys with the operator in advance and are picked up from an agreed point – often their own home, a bus stop or local place of interest.  To book the DaRT service contact Arrow Taxis on: 01621 874411.

For more details click here Rural Transport publication May 16

ECM logo

Doorstep/Rogue traders are operating in your area trying to obtain work related to block paved driveways, garden work or tree cutting, roofing or any other household repair or maintenance.

Never agree to have work carried out by traders who knock on your door offering these services and always thoroughly check out leaflets as addresses provided can be false with telephone numbers that stop working if you have a problem with the work. You can also be provided with guarantees that are worthless.

We would always advise residents to consider using one of our Buy With Confidence businesses who have been audited and approved by Trading Standards. The nearest three to your postcode can be found by calling the national consumer helpline on 03454 040506 or

We would ask all residents to look out for household repair and maintenance activity at the homes of elderly neighbours, friends or family members.

Residents who do get caught out by doorstep/rogue traders are often too embarrassed to
report it. If you are concerned call the helpline with the information.

Sue Bunney
Trading Standards

ECM logo

The Parish Safety Volunteer Programme is a new community safety initiative, delivered in partnership by Essex Police, Essex County Fire and Rescue Service and volunteers from local communities. Could you volunteer?

Parish Safety Volunteers are trained by experts from our organisations to deliver bespoke fire and crime safety advice and fit smoke detectors in homes. Parish Safety Volunteers will work in pairs, in a smart but comfortable uniform and visit people in their own homes to offer this bespoke service. A diverse range of people will benefit from the Parish Safety Volunteer programme from young families, to the elderly and those vulnerable to the risk of fire or fear of crime. You must be over 18, know your local area well and be able to commit to an average of 10 hours each month. Everyone who volunteers as a Parish Safety Volunteer will be interviewed, provide two references, complete standard Police security checks and a confidential health questionnaire. Good all-round communication skills are also a must. Reasonable expenses will be paid. If you are interested in finding out more about what is involved in becoming a Parish Safety Volunteer, please visit or email or ring 01376 576237.

Weekend GP appointments now available in Uttlesford

A new Weekend GP Service is being trialled in Uttlesford and has, since November, received positive feedback from patients. The majority of people who have visited the service so far have been of working age and may not be able to access appointments during the week.

The NHS service is based out of Radwinter Road (Saffron Walden Community Hospital) and Great Dunmow Community Centre. Appointments are accessed through a patient’s own GP surgery for a booked appointment only; it is not a ‘walk-in service’.

 All GP practices in Uttlesford are taking bookings for the service which allows patients to see a GP, healthcare assistant or nurse for routine appointments, health checks and treatments. People with long term health conditions such as asthma and diabetes can also access these appointments.

Liz Adams, Interim Chief Executive of Uttlesford Health, one of the organisations which run the service said: “We are incredibly proud to have launched this service which will allow people greater access to GP appointments. Our GP practices can book these appointments as part of their normal processes, which will provide greater choice to fit in with busy lifestyles.

“GP practices are under extreme pressure nationally and the demand for GP appointments is increasing and this service will help relieve that demand.

“To book appointment, simply contact your GP in the usual way.”

The service is funded through a grant from the Prime Minister’s Access Fund and is a pilot managed by two local GP companies; Stellar Healthcare and Uttlesford Health. These two companies have been set up by the GP practices in the area.


Trees and Hedges Obstructing the Road

Trees and Hedges

Ancell Book

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